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"With home and garage break-ins increasing at an alarming rate, a recent Australian invention is the answer to intruders."

Deter Intruders

Invented by a master Locksmith, the unique….

Multi Function Security Lock

Can be fitted to Roller Doors, Tilta Doors, Swinging Doors and Sliding doors and is an effective and inexpensive way to secure any door.

Simple to install

When locked there are no exposed bolts or padlock shackle that can be tampered with. On a roller door application it is not necessary to bolt the unit to the shutter as the unit is portable and can be used on the inside or outside of any door as desired. It can be keyed alike or master keyed to most existing door locks, eliminating the need to carry extra keys.

Roller Door

The installation for roller doors is for the typical shopfront application. For garage application, the bracket is usually screwed to the outside frame of the garage, with the padlock pin entering into the shutter.

Tilt Door

Install bracket onto Tilt door (Secure with bolts or screws provided). Drill hole in concrete floor to accommodate locking pin in padlock.

Swinging Door

Place steel Multi Function Lock bracket at desired height on door jamb (depending on application). Screw Multi Function Lock bracket to door jamb as required.

Drill 11mm (7/16") hole directly lined up with the 11mm hole in Multi Function Lock bracket.

Install padlock with pin protruding through bracket into door or jamb as needed.

Sliding Door

Can be attached as per Tilt Door.

It can also be installed in other ways. For example, attach bracket to door jamb for sliding door and have the locking pin enter the door ( this installation not shown here)