Section 1. Technical questions

Q. Can I master key these locks to any system? A. The MFL is compatable with most master key systems including Abus, Abloy,
Bilock, Lockwood Australia, Master, and others.
Q. Will the MFL fit any door? A. Although technically the MFL could fit the majority of doors, it has been
specifically designed to fit the aluminium / plastic roller type doors found
in shopping centres. (see applications page)
Q. What is the Multi Function Lock made from? A. 3mm mild steel zinc plated for maximum rust protection

Section 2. Availabilty

Q. Where can I buy the MFL? A. Currently available through your local licensed locksmith or DIY model
through major hardware chains
Q. I am a licensed locksmith where do I get MFL's from? A. See list on contact page
Q. Can I buy the brackets and pins separately, so I can use my own padlocks? A. Yes they are available in bulk packs without padlocks (see spare parts

Section 3. Other questions

Q. Do you plan to include compatabiltiy with other brands as requested? A. The company commitment is to the further development, to include as broad
a range of padlock brands as the need arises
Q. Where are they made? A. Sydney Australia (see Contact page for details)